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Dance Studios

Now you can increase your sports and leisure active season, accommodate more participants and create more profitable use of sporting facilities by using semi-permanent or permanent applications from New Zealand Temporary Structures. 

Dance studios can be available as a fully enclosed modular sports structure. 

Our optional THERMO-roofs allow you to keep the interior hot or cold. THERMO-roofs are also translucent, allowing natural light into the temporary sports building, giving players a more natural environment when taking part in sport, especially during daylight hours, as well as reducing running costs and energy consumption.


Insulated UPVC walling can also help to improve temperature control. This type of walling retains heat, allowing the optimum temperature for any sports environment. House lighting or specialist lighting can also be used, depending on individual requirements.

Our temporary sports and leisure centre structures are ideal solutions for:

  • Sports halls

  • Dance studios

  • Leisure centres

  • Sporting grounds

  • Aquatic centres

  • Resorts

  • Schools

  • Campgrounds

  • Community centres

  • Water parks

  • And so much more