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Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

Hangars and Maintenance Shelters are diverse enough to cover mobile maintenance for any land vehicle up to the size of a main battle tank, through to a large aircraft with the size of a tornado fighter-bomber.

The larger maintenance shelters and hangars are extremely weather resistant, achieving 100 kg/m² snow load and 100 km/h wind load. The shelter systems are built to comply standard military specifications and adaptable to country specific requirements.

Maintenance shelters range from 7.60m to 60.00m width, have unlimited length and a max peak height of 13.92m – but NZTS do specialise in producing customised designs and larger sizes (up to 70.00m width). The aircraft hangars also feature an optional eyelid gate to allow easy access for high tail fins.

The smallest vehicle maintenance tent can be packaged and transported in a 2.50m long bundle. The aircraft hangars can be transported in a 1 x 20 ft. container and could be installed by 10 people in around 16 hours, depending on size and configuration.

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