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The Vegas Structure comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, offering the versatility and ample space needed to accommodate any type of event. From wineries to sporting club VIP marquees, the Vegas Structure can help elevate your event outcomes and create a chic atmosphere.


The primary advantages of choosing the Vegas Structure are flexibility, customisation, and sustainability. The interior and exterior of the structure can be tailored to match your brand, ambiance, decor, lighting, and much more. The interior of the structure can be customised according to your exact specifications, including the option of solid panel walls or visually stunning floor-to-ceiling framed glass walls with a double opening glass entrance door. The Vegas Structure can be set up in any location, from open fields to urban settings.

Vegas Features

Crafted from premium quality aluminum and glass, the Vegas is a highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing event structure. Due to its modular design, you can adapt the Vegas to your location and available space. Widths range from 5.00m to 15.00m with a 3.30m side height and unlimited lengths of 5.00m bays. Choose from solid or glass paneling options to suit your preferences.


Powder-coated in black, the outward-facing metal frame is sleek and durable. The interior finish options include carpeting, cassette flooring, ceiling lining, lighting, and HVAC, all designed to provide maximum comfort. The roof features the Parapet system, made of Alucobond or PVC material, which gives the classic "cube characteristic" with a customisable look. Or you can choose a shallow pitch curved roof made of Thermo Twin layer PVC in white opaque.


In short, the Vegas is the most advanced and aesthetically appealing event structure available in the market today.

Vegas Profiles

  • Bracing System: Internal high-level bracing giving open & clear span spaces.

  • Frame Construction: Hard pressed 4 groove aluminium cube profile.

  • Profile Size: Profile sizes relative to situation requirements.

  • Roof Covers: Single Skin PVC, Thermo Inflatable Roof, Parapet System

  • Wind Loading: Structures are all calculated to withstand wind loading based on the physical site location, and to meet Australian and European safety standards.

  • Walling: Facade walling system, vertical or horizontal glass walls. PVC soft walling relative to the situation requirement.

  • U-Values: Roofs – 1.5 W/m2KWalls & Gables – 0.44 W/m2K


Span Width

5.00m to 15.00m

Side Height



Unlimited 5.00m Bays


To site specifics


Fixtures & Dimensions available


The Vinyl facade ensures a higher-quality side appearance and, thanks to its strength, offers better burglary and weather protection.


  • Signage parapets

  • Various door types

  • Various window types

  • Indoor/Outdoor Ramp

  • Gutter/Downpipe

  • HVAC

  • Overhead Door Canopy

  • Ventilation Panels

  • Balustrades

  • Disability access

  • Wet areas


  • Cassette Flooring

  • Heavy Duty Flooring


  • Vinyl Façade

  • Insulated Façade

  • Glass Façade

  • Glass Sliding Walls

  • PVC Side Walls

  • Polyglass Side Walls


  • Single-skin roof cover - Flame-resistant pursuant to DIN 4102-B1. Available in transparent or opaque.

  • Thermal roof cover - Double-skin roof cover, which is filled with air, provides additional insulation and condensation protection in the roof area. Flame-retardant pursuant to DIN 4102-B1. Available in transparent or opaque.

  • Parapet - Made of Alucobond or PVC material provides the classic “cube characteristic” with its own customisable look.



Entrances and exits in various facade systems, the single and double-leaf doors can be installed in our structure systems and visually adjusted to match the rest of the side paneling.


Cassette Flooring: The visually appealing cassette floor is available with different wooden coverings and, with its lightweight aluminum substructure, has a traffic load of 350 and 500 kg/m².

Heavy Duty Flooring: The heavy-duty floor is the most efficient floor system in our range, which can be quickly installed using a forklift or crane. In addition, it has a low transport volume compared to other flooring systems.


Single-Layer Roof PVC Covers: The PVC Covers, which is flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1, is both translucent and opaque and available in a wide variety of colours.

Thermal Roof PVC Covers: The air-filled double-shell roof PVC Covers provides additional insulation and condensation protection in the roof area. The PVC Covers, which is flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1, is both translucent and opaque and is available in a wide variety of colours.

Attica: The parapet made of Alucobond or PVC material gives your Skyline the classic “cube character” with its own individually customisable look.

Polyglass Facade

Vinyl Facade

Insulated Facade

The insulated facade not only ensures a higher-quality side appearance, but in addition to its better protection against burglary and weather, it also offers additional thermal insulation.

Glass Facade

Available in a variety of designs, such as vinyl or aluminum frame, uninsulated or insulated glass, in various colours and tints.

Glass Sliding Walls

Entrances and exits or window elements in various facade systems, the glass sliding walls can be installed in our facade systems and visually adjusts to match the side paneling.

PVC Side Walling

The flame-retardant PVC Covers according to DIN 4102-B1 is available in a range of colours, both translucent and opaque.


Our transparent covers for even more light is an exceptional alternative to the white PVC Covers.


Food businesses can have a customised and professional-looking Vegas Structure that matches their brand, allowing for accurate future growth planning without time delays or unexpected expenses. The Vegas Structure can easily accommodate expansion or reduction of kitchen or seating space as needed.


HR Structures offers hospitality solutions that make a lasting impression, recognising that wineries are a brand that should reflect prestige and elegance both inside and out. The Vegas Structure features 360° glass walls, offering stunning views of the winery landscape and elevating guests' experience.

Sporting Clubs

The Vegas structure is designed to meet high standards for horse racing events, prioritising the spectator experience with unobstructed views of the racetrack. Featuring sleek glass frontages, it also offers space for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, product activations, and various entertainment and hospitality areas.

product activations

The Vegas offers the flexibility of styling to distinguish your brand, whilst offering your guests a unique perspective. Interior elements can be finished to client specification, with options for colours and branding. The structure can be preassembled with lighting and electrical fittings as required.

annual events

The Vegas Structure offers standard and customised designs that integrate well with public spaces and comply with international standards. It's a modular system that can be used for annual events, year on year, leaving no impact on the ground once dismantled, and engineered to perform well in demanding environments.

Vegas Structure

Cafes & Restaurants

RAQ Vegas Structures
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