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Structure Fixtures

Structure Fixtures

Our modular structure fixtures are built to last, utilising aluminum profiles and steel connections. This ensures they are both strong and long-lasting. We also offer a variety of accessory parts that integrate seamlessly into our range of modular buildings, including walls, doors, roofing systems, and more.


Whether you need a high-end façade system to showcase your space or insulated panels to store sensitive goods in your warehouse, we can provide customised modular structure solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to provide the perfect fit for your business.

Structure Features

Canopy Multi roof

Roof Coverings 

Roofing materials have evolved over time, and now steel sheets or PVC coated polyester fabrics that comply with strict Australian Standards are available. Additionally, parapets made of Alucobond or PVC materials offer a customizable look and a classic "cube characteristic."

Thermo Roof

Thermo Roof

The Thermo Roof consists of two plastic coated membranes, which are placed under atmospheric pressure, forming “air-cushions”. After the twin layer sheets are pulled in the Keder-grooves of the structure, they are blown-up with a specially designed air pressure unit. To blow up the membranes requires a minimum of energy (max. 0,2 mb = 2 hp/A (hectopascal). The air-supply system – using flexible pipes – supplies the air to the individual roof sheets. As a result, the air pressure unit maintains a constant level of air pressure in the cushions.

Skyline Glass Elements

Skyline Elements

Select either vertically or horizontally aligned double-glazed glass, combined with insulated sandwich panels. The modules can be tailored to include single leaf, double leaf or sliding doors, internal and external stairways, balustrades, decorative interior cladding, lighting, and heavy-duty flooring systems.


Wall Panels

Wall systems, horizontal panels measuring 60mm x 2.5m x 1m are used. The aluminum frame is versatile, allowing for external and internal surfaces to be mounted. Furthermore, glass wall systems are double glazed, measuring 1m H x 2.5m L x 60mm W, and come with natural ventilation options and various openings.

PVC Curtain

Doors & Roller Shutters

Our doors systems are sliding, hinged, and automated to fit into a 5m W x 2.4 m H bay. Additionally, they can be steel sheet, solid glass, and customised if required. As a result, roller doors and aviation doors can be integrated into the structure.

Roof Skylight long


Not only do our lighting systems include LED lighting and skylights, but also include provisions for solar. Additionally, rigging can be added to increase the lighting options.

1 leaf window


Our provisions for window openings include both standard and customized options. Standard window sizes range from 600mm to 2500m. Additionally, our wall window strip, made of polycarbonate approx. 1000 x 4000mm, is a cost-effective alternative to glass and can be easily installed in the wall panel under the eaves.

Earth Anchor


Anchors are secured to concrete foundations to ensure durability of the building.

Other Fixtures

Air conditioning
Crash Barrier

Heating & Cooling

HVAC systems allow for easy and energy-efficient heating and cooling.


Both strong, economical fascia guttering system and downpipes are fast and easy to install.

Crash Barriers

Not only are the barriers made with a galvanised finish, but also offer impact protection.

Gable Line Partitions

Gable line partitions are a versatile solution for dividing a building into multiple sections. They can be implemented using PVC, corrugated steel, sandwich panels, and more. Along with the partitions, we also offer gate and door installation to better meet your needs.

Gable Partition
RAQ Structures Fixtures
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