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Endeavour Pavilion

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Waterside Endeavour Pavilion is the new gem of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s fleet of venue spaces.


Boasting a bespoke Curved Roof structure from our sister company, Australian Temporary Structures, and named after Captain Cook's majestic vessel alongside its on-site replica, the HMB Endeavour, the Endeavour Pavilion is a new addition to the wharves of the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM).


The venue located in Sydney's picturesque Darling Harbour, can be arranged to suit any event from weddings, cocktail parties, Christmas parties, product launches and award ceremonies, to large sit-down lunches or dinners.


commercial structures

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Improving the experience of local shoppers


A City Council wanted to improve the experience of local shoppers. With soaring temperatures in the summer and very mild winters, it was important to the council they provide more shelter and shade. It was vital there was a quick lead-time, but most importantly the structure needed to withstand high wind speeds yet still be relocatable. The canopy structure would also be used over the local stage in the city centre to shade performers, while also covering the viewing area.


The City Council were supplied with two canopy structures that met the demands of high wind speeds and ease of relocation.

The shelters measured 7.60m and 6.40m in width both 5.00m in length and 4.00m/3.30m side height. Both used the Ferrari 702 Opaque roofing with an 18 degree roof pitch, and both canopy structures were able to withstand wind speeds of up to 162 km/h.

With the canopy structures fully operational in the town centre, the council can now ensure the general public and local performers are sheltered from the sun.

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