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Custom Structures

Skyline structure display centre

Custom Structures

From concept planning to reality, our building projects division is able to deliver custom-designed structures for most applications. Our experienced technical designers are able to draw upon a wealth of  knowledge gained over decades in the design of customised temporary structure projects. This invaluable experience, together with the very latest in CAD modelling systems, enables NZTS to excel in this specialist field.

Custom structures are built according to clients’ exact requirements. Specifications may be designed according to site restrictions, or the structure may need to be designed to withstand excessive wind loads. In many cases, whatever the size or shape, NZTS can fulfill your requirements from a standard lean-to construction through to a fully insulated multi-level hospitality venue.


  • We have an excellent track record for developing well designed, robust temporary and permanent customised clear span structures.

  • All custom structures are made to order, enabling clients to build a structure that is unique to their aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Custom structures can be engineered to meet building codes with respect to wind loads.

  • We can provide a comprehensive installation and project management service for all structures.

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