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Hornsby TAFE

Industrial Strength

Choice of insulated and non-insulated. Span width up to 30.00m, and extended to any length with side heights up to 6.30m. With corrugated steel sheet walls, this light-weight building provides storage safety and options for extensions, as well as canopies.

Skyline Mezzanine Interior

Next Level Design

The Skyline comes in both single level and multi-level options. The spacious single level building is available in widths of 10.00m to 30.00m with a 4.00m side height, and unlimited lengths in 5.00m bays, whilst the multi-level has side heights of 8.00m.

The Jetty crowd

Events with Style

Business owners, event organisers and agencies look to the Vegas Structure to deliver a wide range of event and customer experiences. With modern design, the Vegas is an elegant and innovative choice for hosting events that are annually reoccurring.

Film Studio

Large Projects

Large commercial projects require extra-large clear-span space to accommodate multiple uses. Built swiftly and efficiently, our lightweight Mega structures are designed to be delivered and set up quickly and under limited foundation requirements.

Perth Structure

Elegent Events

The Perth creates event space without the need of a permanent venue. These structures do not require a conventional foundation, they can be installed on existing level ground. Plus, we offer provisions for electricity, lighting, heating and wet areas.

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Full Range

See our full product range for all industrial and commercial applications. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call and we will help you select the right product for you.

After a warehouse or an entire industrial estate, mining site or factory, or need storage on a construction site? We design and construct industrial buildings that are built to last.

Modular heavy-duty buildings are durable enough to withstand extreme environments while providing the security and functionality of a robust, industrial sized building.

With a storage structure right on your construction site, you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings. Temporary storage structures make an ideal solution.

For transport companies, modular structures offer a huge number of opportunities for brand new purpose-built warehouses, distribution, and logistics facilities.

Modular structures are suitable for rail, roads, aviation, heavy haulage, logistical loading and unloading areas, automotive, as well as temporary outdoor storage.

Modular structures provide a range of opportunities for transport companies seeking to construct brand new, purpose-built warehouses, distribution centres, and logistics facilities.

Modular Structures can also be dismantled and moved easily in the off season, and regardless of what you use them for, they are also very easily adaptable to fulfill the demands of all agriculture production.

NZTS offer solutions for the commercial grower and garden centre retailer. We design and install garden centres, greenhouses, and clear-span shade structures to help growers reduce crop loss due to pest and climate challenges.

Our range of transportable mining accommodation and camp facilities is innovative in design. Our range includes ablution blocks, kitchens, state-of-the-art dining facilities, comfortable accommodation.

NZTS provide building technology that delivers instant solutions for airport terminals where there is an urgent need for additional space for passenger seating, and baggage handling facilities.

Modular structures are flexible enough to suit the size, scale, and design of many major infrastructure projects, such as maritime and ports, rail, logistics, road, and aviation.

NZTS design and install aircraft hangars with provisions for aircraft fleets, helicopters, workshops, flying schools, commercial service, private jet companies and aero clubs.

Whether it is container storage facilities, or palletised cargo destined to sea or air freight, we deliver flexible and cost-effective structure solutions that are perfect for the needs of the maritime logistics industry.

Modular structures used for the purpose of railway stations are an affordable way of replacing outdated station facilities and can help reduce the cost of building a new railway station.

NZ Temporary Structures create flexible building space for government agencies or local councils. Modular structures can serve as temporary field offices in areas where traditional construction isn’t an option.

Modular courtrooms can be used to extend a busy crown court and help it to meet its increased capacity. As well, a modular structure can help meet short-term increases in Crown Court workloads.

NZTS design and install modular structures for emergency services to enhance the capability to respond to different types of emergencies, including fire, police, and ambulance authorities.

Growing congregations, religious leaders, leadership committees, and church management directors are turning to NZTS for their church building plans. Our structures are cost-effective, durable.

Modular structures can be connected to the main hospital quickly. Provisions for air conditioning systems, theatres incorporating IPS, UPS, water systems and medical gas bank, vacuum and scavenging systems, and more.

Quick and efficient to install, modular buildings offer hospitals and healthcare providers a reliable solution to accommodate patients and clinical research without compromising quality care.

Modular structures for aged care, drug rehabilitation and mental health facilities can produce healthcare environments that are robust, cost-effective, meet the performance standards of the health activities.

Impress clients at your next convention, trade show or exhibition with a unique approach to product display in a modular structure. We design structures in unlimited lengths and custom designs are available.

For car showrooms, real estate display centres, or practical space for mechanics, we provide features such as glass walls, rolling or sliding doors for easy access, along with security locks and more.

Supermarkets, hardware stores, furniture stores, and other retailers that need extra space in addition to their permanent commercial spaces, for example for seasonal sales or during renovation work.

NZ Temporary Structures provide cost-effective building design and installation services to create outstanding restaurants, cafes, clubs, bakeries, and fast-food or drive thru outlets.

Modular buildings are an inspiring and economical alternative for restaurant businesses, such as food services, restaurants, catering businesses and convenience stores, built off-site then installed at your location.

Modular Structures are designed to be a tailor-made event structures ranging from weddings, corporate functions, and for outdoor events of any kind. Talk to us about your next event and we'll walk you through your options.

With energy-efficient insulation, your modular gymnasium structure can remain comfortable for both winter and summer sports. NZTS offer a range of options for pop up gyms.

Modular buildings boast a wide variety of facilities, from swimming pools, spas and their ancillary facilities to sports halls, basketball courts, gymnasiums to on-site health services.

NZTS offer the perfect solution to cover ice rinks of any size temporarily or permanently. The structures need little to no foundation and can be easily dismantled and relocated.

A smart choice when considering enclosing a pool. These enclosures can be constructed quickly and efficiently, enabling a community to swim comfortably any time of year.

With fast build times and long-term durability and quality, our modular sports centres mean high-end facilities can soon become available again for your patrons.

NZTS design and install modular sports and recreation facilities for bowling clubs, race clubs, and have the right size and capacity to host all kinds of events, training and sports.

Architecturally designed modular buildings are perfect for business parks, commercial operations, office sites and the businesses looking to make a statement in their industry.

Modular offices, modular conference and training rooms provide an ideal environment for companies looking to simplify communication in major commercial and industrial facilities.

NZTS design and install film studios bespoke, in line with international filming industry requirements. Quick to construct, you can have film studio space in only a matter of weeks.

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