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Industrial PROJECT 

Industrial Canopy

Griffin Biscuits Canopy


To cost-efficiently manage seasonal loads, Griffin Biscuits New Zealand expanded their deliveries with a canopy to effectively handle their product delivery.


The ATS team constructed the building. The canopy structure provided Griffin Biscuits with a weather proof and secure space to process their deliveries.

The 15m x 20m structure on a 5.2 leg height, was a seamless addition to their existing facility.

Canopy Industrial

Industrial PROJECT 2 

Extra Capacity Space

CS Extra Capacity Space

Temporary solution for EDUCATION facility


This TAFE needed a temporary teaching facility to increase onsite capacity for delivering Construction classes. The biggest challenge was the uneven surface of the site. FloorStak flooring system was used for immediate support.


L Series structure with a partial mezzanine was chosen measuring 25.00m wide x 40.00m in length on a 6.20m side height. A Charcoal and White Thermo-inflated roofing system was installed to minimise internal condensation and provide insulation. 60mm insulated sandwich walling panels were fitted with an 8.00m roller shutter door and polycarbonate and louvre windows.

The TAFE increased classroom space, with a structure that is easy to dismantle and relocate.

Industrial PROJECT 3 


CS Wareousing

Postal Facility: temporary warehousing 


To cost-efficiently manage seasonal loads for a postal facility, they temporarily expanded their existing facility to effectively handle their short-term requirements over the peak Christmas period.


A team of six took only three days to construct the building. The temporary structure provided the postal facility with a weather-proof and secure space to store and process the additional load of parcels.

The 15m x 20m L series structure on a 5.2 leg height, was a seamless addition to their existing facility and took just one day to dismantle.

Industrial PROJECT 3 


CS Canopies

Loading Bay Extension


A loading bay extension with the bays lined up to the doors on their existing building, giving unhindered access for vehicles to reverse up to.

The Impossible in 21 Days??


Yes… in 21 days, the temporary structure went from order to installation, producing a new 11850 Sq Ft loading bay extension.


The building is 55m x 20m, with bay size spacing fabricated to give unhindered access for vehicles, the building was supplied without any wall coverings, which changes the calculations for the wind-loading, so over sized chemical fixing anchors were used for the foot-plates of the building, to compensate for the increased wind up-lift.


Crash barriers were also fitted to the uprights along one length, to protect the building in the event of collision.

RAQ Industrial projects
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