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Storage Facilities

If you need temporary storage space to meet the demands of seasonal peaks, our temporary storage buildings could be the perfect solution. With no foundations or ground works required, our short-term and long-term temporary storage buildings can be installed onsite in days, giving you cost-effective protection for your stock.


Not only are temporary storage units quick to install, and extremely cost-effective, they also offer you the flexibility to stay ahead of the supply chain. With a temporary storage facility, you can expand and contract your operations as your market dictates.

NZTS can offer anything from a basic temporary storage facility, to a customised semi-permanent storage building. All of our storage buildings are fully adaptable with a range of options, including: blackout roof linings, to create the ideal conditions for storing fresh produce; a range of doors and security features; and even heating or refrigeration, depending on the nature of your products.


Temporary storage structures can be used for so much more than just storage. If you need additional short-term space for increased packaging, processing and distribution operations, we can provide that too. Imagine having the ability to react to your needs as soon as they arise? That's thanks to the flexibility and modular nature of our temporary storage units.


You can also build upon your existing storage building. Why not add a covered walkway to provide weather protection for personnel travelling between buildings? Or install a canopy or loading bay to suit a range of agricultural, machinery or transport vehicles? Plus, we can offer a full range of ancillary products, including power, temperature control and so much more.

Storage facilities

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