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Rent or Buy

As well as renting temporary structures, NZTS also sell temporary structures, such as long term warehouses and extended-use venues. Our cost-effective temporary structure hire is available with flexible contracts, so we are able to quickly disassemble and remove your structure if you no longer require it.


At NZTS we recognise that your needs can differ. That’s why we provide a wide range of competitively priced temporary structures to suit a variety of applications. We also aim to provide you with the ideal funding method to suit your specific requirements. NZTS portable buildings can be rented, lease purchased or purchased outright.


If you’re unsure about how long you require a temporary structure, then the rental option is most likely right for you. Renting provides total flexibility since you can “off-hire” the temporary building at the end of the agreed rental period, or extend the rental period for a further term. Because the rental cost is treated as a business expense for the company renting the temporary structure, the entire rental cost can be set against the company’s tax liability for each financial year of the rental period – the longer rental period, the lower the monthly rental payments become.


Sometimes clients wish to own the building outright, but their current business circumstances cannot accommodate the initial up-front investment. In these cases, we offer a lease purchase arrangement. Clients can rent the temporary structure from us for an agreed amount of time with a pre-determined purchase amount, payable at the end of the pre-agreed fixed rental term. The customer benefits by having total flexibility of ownership options.


As a guide, the longer the structure is required, the more the straight purchase option becomes attractive. If you choose the purchase option, it is important to note that the structure will always remain as a marketable asset. As our structures are fully demountable, when it is no longer required, it can be sold. To guarantee your options, we offer a buy-back option on all original portable structures purchased directly through NZTS.

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