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Updated: Aug 9, 2023


Chevron needed a storage facility for their mining equipment in the Pilbara, WA.

They required a warehouse on a lease basis, so that the structure could be easily removed at the end of the lease.

The solution needed to be cost-effective and have the look, feel and properties of a permanent building without the associated costs. We provided Chevron with an 80m x 50m 4000m2 industrial Warehouse under a permanent DA.

industrial warehouses

The structure featured other accessories for easy access and use:

warehouse interior

- Steel sheet walling

- Cyclone footings

- Lighting

- Power

- A high roof

- 8 personnel doors

- 14 roller doors to enable easy vehicle access.

Withstanding the Pilbara’s extreme weather conditions:

The challenge was compounded by the structure’s location in the highest wind region of Australia. It needed to withstand cyclones in excess of 280klm hr winds. The materials to be stored could not be left exposed to the elements particularly UV light and moisture.

When a cyclone struck the Pilbara in January 2019, the durable structure withstood the extreme wind conditions, just as it was intended. NZ Temporary Structures meet stringent wind and temperature loading codes. These German engineered structures are built to comply with maximum wind speeds of up to 300 km per hour. They are engineered to meet regional building code requirements according to BS6399 / Euro codes / IBC 2012.

warehouse interior

What else makes the structure so durable?

The eaves are connected by internal galvanised steel inserts. The structure is made of European, hard pressed extruded structural aluminium, with connecting components CE Certified, hot dipped, structural grade corrosive resistant galvanised steel.

The roof covering is a highly durable industrial grade, high gloss white, PVC coated polyester fabric - UV resistant and flame retardant according to: DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701.

This material makes the structure capable of handling extreme high wind gusts, as well as extreme temperatures, such as what was required in the Pilbara. The material is also UV resistant, making it an all-round fitting solution for Chevron.


Leaping the Hurdles

outside warehouse

NZ Temporary Structures offer a flexible solution to many different challenges facing mining operations. Using the Cargo structure allows for installation without a foundation, and the ability to remove the structure as necessary. The durable material can protect equipment and operations from the harsh climate often encountered at Australia’s major mining sites, and the available accessories associated with the LX Series makes it possible to build a durable, multi-purpose structure. Chevron chose the Cargo structure because of its durability, flexibility, and variety of product options, and because they needed a bespoke solution delivered within a tight timeframe. The entire project took just ten weeks to construct from start to finish. To learn more about the installation of Cargo structure that will meet the needs of your operations, contact NZTS today.

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