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humanitarian relief structures

Humanitarian Relief Structures

NZTS provide a full range of high-tech, affordable humanitarian shelters from individual shelters through to fully operational refugee camps, complete with health facilities, hospitals, food centres, kitchens, storage facilities, admin areas, classrooms, accommodation, workshops and maintenance space.

All our humanitarian shelters and tents are engineered for rapid deployment and to achieve maximum performance in extreme environments and weather conditions.

Each type of shelter is available in a range of standard sizes and specifications, and we specialise in larger bespoke structures and designs.

The flexibility of these humanitarian shelters and structures means that many products are suitable for multiple purposes and come with a wide choice of accessories, including flooring, HVAC, electrics, sunshades and insulation liners and much more.



Roof: Sandwich panels

Walls: Sandwich panels

Structure width: 4.00m

Structure length: 8.80m

Bay width: 2.80m/ 2.40m/3.60m

Eave Height: 3.00m/3.50m

Ridge Height: n/a

Roof Pitch: 7 degrees

Accommdation cabin

PERTH Building

Emergency shelter temporary structure


Eave height: 4.15m

Span width: 10.00m to 40.00m

Ridge height: N/A

Bay distance: 5.00m

Roof pitch: N/A

Number of gable uprights: 1 Gable upright (per end)

Longest component: N/A

Minimum length: 10.00m

Maximum length: Unlimited in 5.00m increments

Max allowed wind speed: 102 km/h (0.50kN/m²)

Main profile size: 225.4 x 100.6 x 3.3/5.7 mm

Eave connection type: Twin Plate Connection

Aluminium type: European - Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminium

Connecting components: European - hot dipped, structural grade corrosive resistant galvanised steel

Roof covering type: Premium grade, high gloss white, PVC coated polyester fabric - UV resistant and flame retardant according to: DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701.

RAQ Humanitarian Structures
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