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contaminated sites protection

Contaminations protection structure

Contaminated Sites Protection

New Zealand Temporary Structures provides sheltered structures to assist in the management and protection of contaminated sites. Contaminants can include asbestos, solvents, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, explosives, and biological contaminants.

Our approach is to work with our clients as part of a team to ensure we meet their needs. We follow stringent quality assurance protocols to meet our clients' objectives and protect their interests.

NZTS can assist in developing a range of protective structure systems to meet compliance requirements, and provide effective solutions to managing contamination risk issues onsite.


The control of processes that may contaminate the environment is often one of the key issues faced by facility and project managers.  To assist government and industrial clients to achieve responsible environmental protection, NZTS merges industry best practice with reliable temporary structures and pro-active client-centred solutions.


The legacy of poor past practices or equipment and procedural failures can result in contamination of the environment. The remediation of contaminated soil, groundwater and man-made structures is one of NZTS' core capabilities. Our talented team have the know-how and hands-on experience to help protect your site.


The treatment of contaminated soil is one of the most frequent remediation activities being undertaken by industry. Depending on the contaminants which have impacted a site, there is a large range of sheltered solutions that can be applied.  Our experienced staff will work to ensure that optimal solutions are always being considered during all phases of the soil remediation process.


NZTS’ temporary structures can help with complex contamination profiles allowing to contain asbestos risks in conjunction with other overlapping risks such as chemical, biological, explosive and radiological contaminants, and sites where the surrounding environment needs protection from asbestos contamination.


Our specialised Emergency Management Structures provide a rapid protection solution to contaminated areas.

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