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Film Production

Office and Studio

Film Production

We design and build film studios bespoke, in line with international filming industry requirements. Their modular design is quick to construct, giving you fast, cost-effective film studio space in only a matter of months.

With clear span widths from 5 metres to 30 metres. Eave heights from 3 metres to 14 metres and unlimited lengths in 5 metre bays. These structures are built using sections of up to 55m steel spans, pieced together to create a vast studio space, each beam with a point load of 5 tonnes. Perfect for heavy loads, rigging and gantry systems. Plus, the internal walls can be fitted with sound insulation, with acoustic levels up to 30db.

Plus, these structures can be repurposed as exhibition centres, theatres, aircraft hangars, aquatic centres, sports stadiums, or concert venues, and are in demand all around the world, meaning that your studio grows in value long after it’s served its purpose.

RAQ Film Studios
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