NZTS Hangar Structures are designed with a high arch roof, and span from 10m to 60m, providing sufficient space for helicopters, gliders or large aircraft. With its strong aluminium profile and fireproof PVC fabric cover, these Hangar Structures are durable and strong, and can be customised to withstand extremely high wind speeds.

NZTS can also provide hangars as MRO/FBO facilities for aircrafts. These structures can be humidity controlled in order to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs. Furthermore, their thermal efficiency can reduce power and AC consumption significantly. This makes our hangars the perfect fit for MRO/FBO clients, as well as naval aviation and civil aviation, private jet companies and armed forces.

All New Zealand Temporary Structure solutions are completely modular, and can be integrated into the environment of the existing airport. The structure can be custom designed according to your requirements. For example, we can adjust the roof height and other specifications according to your aircraft size.

Special attachments and conversions can be made to suit your expansion requirements, even if the hangar system changes during use. The hangar systems range of accessories portfolio includes ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting, as well as special door and gate systems.


  • Urgent increase of passenger capacities

  • Bridging gaps during refurbishment and renovation works

  • Permanent expansions of airports

  • Increases in cargo traffic requiring additional storage space

  • Increased demand of MRO/FBO facilities for aircrafts



  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings

  • Short planning and implementation period

  • Quick installation and dismantling

  • Great flexibility through modular structure

  • Easy reuse and relocation

  • Resource-efficient and therefore sustainable



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