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Construction sites made easy with portable buildings

As a construction company or contractor, setting up a construction site efficiently is crucial to the success of your project. Let NZ Temporary Structures’ range of portable building solutions solve all your temporary building requirements. Here's where we can help.

1. Complete site setup

Going to one supplier for all your site needs will make your job easier. From site offices, to lunchrooms, amenities and First Aid facilities, NZTS manages the entire set up. We also provide the additional products and services to make your site functional - steps and landings, air conditioning, generators, water tanks, waste storage tanks with pump out services, dangerous goods containers, building tie downs and more.

2. Environmentally friendly options

Our range of portable accessories include options like insulation, LED lighting, and mobile solar to reduce running costs and improve efficiency.

3. Flexible solutions

Our portable sheds can be modified and reconfigured to adapt to your changing requirements, with modules easily moved or adapted as your needs evolve. We continually reuse existing modules during their lifecycle, with refurbishment further extending their life without compromising on quality or performance.

4. Versatile Solutions

Portable buildings are incredibly versatile. They can be used as temporary offices, additional storage spaces, or even as site offices within warehouses. They can be an excellent addition to any warehouse, providing a convenient and efficient solution for businesses in need of extra space.

5. Portable Buildings for hire

For businesses not ready to invest in a portable building, hiring is an excellent option. NZTS offers a site shed rental solution, providing businesses with the flexibility to use a portable building for a specific period. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with fluctuating space requirements, such as construction companies.

6. Transport and installation

A national footprint means NZ Temporary Structures can manage the delivery, installation and relocation of your buildings. This service includes the return of buildings at the end of the hire period.

Portable buildings are a cost-effective solution for those needing extra space, storage or offices on site. Click here to contact your NZTS team today for a quote. They offer an affordable alternative to traditional building options.

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