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swimming pool enclosures

Swimming pool enclosure

Swimming Pool Enclosures

NZTS Swimming Pool Structures are great for year-round swimming seasons that need to be quickly constructed and built without any traditional foundation requirements. With an aluminium substructure that’s engineered to resist rust and corrosion, our pool enclosures are durable and adaptable to any environmental conditions.

Our THERMO-roof swimming pool insulation system performs extremely well in high humidity environments, while our translucent roof can add natural daylight, saving on the need for artificial lighting.


A cost-effective alternative to the traditional pool building, NZTS can provide an immediate solution to any council, swimming club, community and aquatic centre. Looking to add a year-round swimming pool enclosure? -  Contact your local NZTS project manager for more information about our options for pool facilities.


  • Enjoy the additional UV protection of a high-performance pool structure.

  • Glass walls allow natural light to illuminate interior spaces.

  • Add even more natural light to interior environments with a translucent roof.

  • Significantly reduce building costs and timelines compared to conventional pool enclosure construction.

  • Receive a superior performing swimming environment that is spacious and bright with a large ceiling height, fortified by a fully insulated roof.


New Zealand Temporary Structures specialises in swimming pool structures intended for use over large swimming pool areas. Thanks to a wealth of experience in this sector, and expert project management, NZTS can manage the construction of the pool cover from design through to its completion.

Swimming pool structures are perfect for:

  • Enclosed swimming pool facilities

  • Sun Safe swimming pool space

  • Use the outdoor pool throughout longer periods of the year

  • Short term use during periods of upgrades


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