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Industrial Buildings

So, you have an industrial building where current production space fails to accommodate incoming orders. An urgent solution is needed to allow your business to continue to meet its customers’ needs.


The Solution for industrial buildings

NZ Temporary Structures industrial structure systems offer the perfect solution for industrial storage, maintenance, manufacturing, production and operations.

Our flexible industrial canopy structure range means that you can expand on your operational footprint or adapt to changing work volumes in your business. Offering anything from 5m to 30m in span, up to 6m in eave height and whatever length you need, these industrial buildings are suitable for any industrial application.


Canopy Structures

Simply by creating designated entry and exit routes at opposite ends of your modular building, it can provide a natural production line. Our custom design means that whether you require separate doors for personnel, racking or a mezzanine level, or comply with health & safety requirements, heating, lighting, and enhanced facilities for a comfortable working environment, we can provide a solution in a very short time. The modular building can either be built around or over existing plant and production machinery, or a facility can be installed from scratch on a vacant area of your site.

truck canopy

What’s more, all our modular industrial buildings are approved to New Zealand Standards and are calculated to withstand extreme weather conditions that are equivalent to permanent structures.

For more info talk to us today.

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