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Industrial Warehouses

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Built in a fraction of the time...


Need a warehouse pronto? Today, consumers not only can make purchases at any time, but now expect goods to be delivered quicker and more cost effectively than ever before.

As a result, businesses continue to seek ways in which they can respond better to these demands, streamlining supply chains, enhancing responsiveness, and boosting customer service levels.

That's why temporary warehousing is the most effective solution!

warehouse interior


Temporary warehouses can solve many storage space problems. They can be set up in a fraction of the time it takes to build a permanent warehouse facility. Unlike a traditional building, a temporary warehouse can usually be completed within weeks, rather than months.

The cost of these structures is also a fraction of what it would cost to build a permanent building. NZTS warehouses are constructed from a prefabricated plan that keeps the costs lower, but also allows flexibility in design, and is built to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

Warehouse Structure Benefits:

warehouse interior
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings

  • Short planning and implementation period

  • Quick installation and dismantling

  • Great flexibility through modular structure

  • Easy reuse and relocation

  • Resource-efficient and therefore sustainable

  • Permanent or temporary applications

  • Turnkey solution

  • German engineering

  • Superior Quality

large warehouse

Extra Capacity Space

Temporary structures are ideal for the expansion of a premises, for short-term storage, or the need for sheltering or securing important goods, or providing temporary space for machinery and equipment during construction work.

construction warehouse

Heavy Industrial

When temporary maintenance facilities are required for heavy industrial services and maintenance, such as for cars, trucks, trains or aircraft, NZ Temporary Structures can provide a cost-efficient and rapid solution.

truck canopy

Industrial Canopies

Our industrial canopies can be linked to existing warehouses to fully integrate with operations and provide covered access for forklift operatives, logistical loading and unloading areas, automotive and aviation, as well as sheltered outdoor storage.

light industrial warehouse

Light Industrial

Upscale your business’ warehousing capacity with additional storage space for goods or equipment virtually overnight, without compromising on quality or structural integrity.


Storage Facilities

With a temporary storage facility, you can expand and contract your operations as your market dictates.

interior warehouse


Upscale or downscale as demand dictates in a rapidly changing climate with a temporary warehouse, enabling your business to remain competitive and financially viable.

For more info on Industrial warehouses, contact NZTS today.

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