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So, you've outgrown your storage space

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

If the needs of your warehouse storage business have changed, and you’ve outgrown your current warehouse space, a new space usually has to be found. This can sometimes be a time-consuming and expensive process, mainly because of the long construction period of traditional permanent buildings. More and more businesses are now turning to a new type of building method that can save on operating costs, and also be customised to meet your own demands.



In order for temporary structures to best support your company's workflows, you may want to consider how best it can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Temporary structures can be rented to meet a temporary space requirement, instead of commissioning the construction of a traditional permanent building. At the end of its useful life, the temporary structure can be easily dismantled and repurposed for another use - a great economic advantage - because the temporary structure does not require a conventional foundation, they can be installed by anchoring down to an existing level, hard standing ground, without the need of civil works.

Make your temporary warehouse as little or as large as you like.

There’s also the advantage of environmental sustainability and protection. Unlike traditional buildings, temporary structures are not constructed of bricks, concrete, wood or any other traditional materials. Instead, they are made of an environmentally friendly aluminium alloy as the mainframe, which is lighter and more flexible. The outer skin is made of durable PVC fabric, which is manufactured in accordance with international certification of wind loading and is flame retardant.

Permanent or semi-permanent structures from New Zealand Temporary Structures are a recommendable alternative to fixed structures: they combine the useful features of a bricks and mortar building, but with greater flexibility and scalability. That can mean huge cost savings when compared to brick-built structures.

Our unique one frame fits all system offers a range of cladding systems and ancillary options that easily fit New Zealand standard frame sizes - All our temporary buildings are compliant to the required New Zealand Building Standards for structural integrity, talk to us today about how a temporary structure can benefit your business.

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