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Aircraft Hangars are Go!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Protect your aircraft machinery and equipment with a solid aircraft hangar by New Zealand Temporary Structures.

aircraft hangar

We’ll help you design an aircraft hangar with provisions for aircraft fleets, helicopters, workshops, training facilities, administrative & engineering offices, staff amenities – all custom built to suit your requirements.

Unlike a traditional hangar, a temporary aircraft hangar can usually be completed within weeks, rather than months.

The cost of these structures is also a fraction of what it would cost to build a permanent building. NZTS aircraft hangars are made from a prefabricated plan that keeps the costs lower, but also allows flexibility in design, and is built to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

commercial aircraft hangar

Airport Structure Benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings

  • Short planning and construction period

  • Quick installation and dismantling

  • Flexibility through modular structure

  • Easy relocation

  • Resource-efficient and therefore sustainable

  • Permanent or temporary applications

  • Turnkey solution

  • German engineering

  • Superior Quality

aircraft maintenance hangar

Hangar Applications

Training Facilities

NZTS can design aircraft hangars, purpose built for flying schools to train pilots in the RNZAF service, commercial service, private jet companies and aero clubs.

Special Purpose Aircraft Hangars

Hangar Structures are designed with a high arch roof and span from 10m to 60m, providing sufficient space for helicopters, gliders or large aircraft.

With its strong aluminium profile and fireproof wall panels, these hangar structures are durable and strong, and can be customised to withstand extremely high wind speeds.

Custom Size Aircraft Hangars

NZTS can deliver clear span hangars of 70 metres to fit two Boeing 737’s, plus apron space to accommodate these aircraft.

Warehouse and Maintenance Facilities

Having a hangar, maintenance workshop and logistics workshop under one roof makes the task of supporting the aviation facility more efficiently, and ensures the aircraft are more available for service.

Air Force Hangars

Hangars and Maintenance Shelters are diverse enough to cover mobile maintenance for large aircraft down to the size of a tornado fighter-bomber.

The larger maintenance shelters and hangars are extremely weather resistant, achieving 100 kg/m² snow load and 100 km/h wind load. They are built to comply to standard military specifications and adaptable to country specific requirements.

Rapid Deployment Applications

Rapidly deploy structures to accommodate troops, supplies, combat vehicles, heavy equipment, aircraft, and helicopters anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Airport Terminals

With immediate demand, airports usually cannot wait for expensive and time consuming traditional construction methods, that’s why our vast range of quick to install airport terminals can easily accommodate your specific needs.

What you can expect from us

  • Close contact with NZTS at every step of the building process

  • Every construction requirement taken care of, such as planning applications

  • On site project manager overseeing your build from start to finish

  • Install & labour

  • Structural engineering certificate drawings

  • Freight and plant hire erect, chemical tests

We will work with you on the details to ensure a quick installation.

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